It’s Never Too Late

I’ve always been attracted to Animation and have wanted to do some of my own; at least since college in the Sixties and wandering into the film editing and splicing room at the Boston Museum  School. I’ve lived in towns too small for Animation classes or opportunities to apprentice myself to learn. My local community college gave me the opportunity to make my Muppet adaptations dance,  but Oh My! the learning curve is Steep in computer programs, and I keep asking myself…what would I Do with animation??? What stories do I have to tell?

Scratching, drawing, and dissolving on recycled film. Any drawing on the non sprocket edge of the film creates sound…SO Many fascinating possibilities–I should have made a movie of my loop on the phone…I hope there will be more to come. If you go to earlier postings on this blog, you can see the Muppets dancing

Of course, I’m always telling stories with my art work, and yesterday I had the opportunity to sample Direct Animation from Devon Damonte at the Bainbridge Island Art Museum. Yes, I still do have the bug…making my images move is SO COOL! And Devon introduced me to a woman who does animation and lives in my town!!!


A couple of new dolls.

Three new spreads in the blue journal. I’m really liking white ink on dark background

A new painting style? Or working off drawings I made when I was 4?

It’s Never Too Late to see what it would be like to pursue at least some version of your dream!!!! I’m working on the Hot Flash book where I say that.

Collage and story telling is how I work. Repeating the image of the crouching woman much smaller. Who knows what will be next?

On every front, spring is here, the Peninsula is waking up…trees and daffodils in bloom, people are coming out of hibernation and starting new projects. Lots of art work to show you from the last 2 weeks…next week’s offerings may be slim, but that’s the way it goes.

March birthdays, great meals: crab melts with roasted veggies, Halibut cheeks with crab

Port Williams, then a Fabulous BLT, onion rings, milk shake at the 101 Diner

More Art: collage and that white pen, fabric collage with a photo of Dad with his camp buddies in 1938 (he’s on the right end) Photo printed on silk.

I’ll be having a show of my paintings at the library in Sequim in June and I’d really, really like to use that as impetus to actually Use the larger canvases I’ve been hoarding…Stay Tuned!

I love these tiny purple succulents in my yard…half an hour a day keeps me ahead of weeds, so far.

Inspiration by Travel

Full moon over the high school (It has been SO long since I’ve even seen the moon), and our busy downtown harbor–lots more big ships now, but why does the Navy build in the path of the Tsunami???

Collage/self-portrait while Katie and I sat and made art…Mike had to go to a coffee shop to write

Katie and I have been spending holidays together for our birthdays…she and Mike are wonderfully generous with sharing their WorldMark membership, so the three of us spent Fri-Mon in Victoria last week, and I have returned relaxed, refreshed, and rumbling with ideas. In my currently-structured art world, you, the reader, play a part in bringing all this to life by looking at it. I even see the stories I’m reading in terms of light, shape, and some spindly white lines on a dark background. I bought white markers at Opus.

Little taxi tugboats with great stories from their captains, the big ferry across the Strait, and a narrow alley in China Town. Katie and I took a tugboat tour “Up the Gorge”

I have done more art works since I returned home, but will save them for next week…is it our faces re-turning toward the sun? I hate the way the advent of Daylight Savings Time steals my morning light, but time is just a concept, anyway, so I won’t let time run or ruin my life. I never finish all the hibernation tasks I’d planned for winter.

A Japanese bus Katie gave me from her stash and a takeoff on an insect from the insectorium. Tim, David, and I went to the butterfly house in Montreal.

On the days when I sit like a lump, unable to touch my creativity, I’m learning to be more forgiving of my own failings and just do something mindless. Yesterday I added more patches to my indigo blanket while I supported the work on my sit-down table and watched a pretty mindless British mystery show that I didn’t have to look at much. Today I’m back (my art self).

A seagull watching us from the balcony, houseboats in the background. The famous (Alice) Munroe bookstore, red and gold gifts in China Town, Happy me at Dim Sum.

May you discover the formulas that help you to do what you want to do…I’m back working on the Hot Flash book, and want to add more Graphic Grannies in typical feminist-actualization poses, like not tying her own hands to hold herself back. I’ll try to keep these sufficiently interesting to keep you coming back…and maybe inspire you to do a little something of your own…how hard can it be? And remember, one must get the awkward stuff out, before getting to the Good Stuff!…or somewhat Good Stuff…

Inspiring textures and my first morning sugar pie…too sweet. The apple hand pie from the mall in the old building was better.

A pie collage with birds, my special Murchie’s birthday dessert: honeycomb crust/passion fruit gel/ fluffy top, and fantastical decoration. Our box of Murchie desserts, mango pudding from dim sum.

The colorful houseboats outside our window, Katie at Dim Sum, Katie and Mike on the tug boat passing a house boat.

The Japanese/Korean place: a Bento Box and Kumbuchi fried rice,  the book that inspired me…a $5 Zine. Victoria seems to be a hotbed of small press creativity, not to mention  color and flavor! I want to finish doing my previously-printed book for Amazon and more short, ‘Zine-style books like the one I did on Amazon for Alters and Icons…check it out!

IF you can afford it, go someplace foreign to you, even if it’s in your own town. Do some drawings or collages about your experiences. OK to tear up promotional material. Make small books of your results. Share them with your friends…sharing is a part of Art.


What’s an Artist to Do?

2.26.18crouching nude
Painting from one of my life drawings, taking shape, but not finished yet. color on black is especially strong, especially Interference colors

Recently, actually Always,  artist friends complain, “I go to all the trouble to make, frame, hang art and I get compliments, but way too little money. Shall I just give up making art?”

Watercolor and ink experiment with life drawing…a certain charm.

If you think you can give up making, go ahead and try it. I don’t think I can stop creating and still stay sane. No matter how hard I rationalize, and how many other potentially interesting things there are to do, I don’t think I could or should stop making art. I’m just making it smaller and easier to store.

When the opportunity arises to sell something or even give it away, it’s gratifying, as is showing to an appreciative crowd, even online. I keep making to see how the next thing will turn out. We work as hard as bankers and sports casters, but our reimbursement is not close to the same. Styles change and our fans are quick to forget us. In times of financial difficulty we are at the bottom of the list of necessities.

Artist Book selections above…such variety and Meticulous work: visual and intellectual storis in many different forms…check out the show at the PA Fine Arts Center.

Every doctor, lawyer, businessperson, and politician should pick one artist to support…or several, if we take all the art forms into account, from dance to sculpture to stories.

Big snowflakes early in the week…at least 3 times white and melt and baby rhubarb coming up…committed to spring.

Artist Book creators are among the lowest paid per hour of all artist, and here are some examples of their/our spectacular work from the current show at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center. Artists introduce their public to ideas, empathy, seeing the world in more than one way. We are a necessary part of a dynamic world, yet may be an endangered species.

I LOVE being next to salt water, as the name says, we’re a port

I experience the Artistry of Nature, with a huge full moon slowly rising over the high school as I post this. We have had the whole gamut of weather this week from snow, sun, warmth, daffodils and back to snow promised. Keep your eyes open…you may see something Wonderful…and take an artist to lunch.


Spring/Not Spring

Blue journal last Sunday

Spring has always made me sleepy…I’m not sure why. Here in the Northwest spring and winter combine from December til the day after the Fourth of July…it’s traditional, although rules are made to be broken.

I started a painting on one of my re-purposed portrait canvases…things take on drama over black…Now I’m scared to go back and finish for fear of wrecking it.

Some days I feel fired up by ideas and projects, and other days I’m lucky to do some mindless sewing while watching movies and pick up a few pine needles and dead leaves in my yard.

Same figure (from one of my life drawing notebooks, Burlington days) This one is about 5″ square done in markers on gessoed matt board. Above 18″ square.

The last few years it seems that my allergies (to Everything) start earlier and earlier, and I’m going to try a whole new approach, using acupuncture in March. I’ve also been to see Nurse Debbie, who manages people on Medicare with multiple chronic medical conditions for North Olympic Healthcare…it was fun to have the luxury to talk for over half an hour with a bright and engaged woman from the Northeast…sorry you West Coasters, but we North Easterners recognize each other.

So now I have two or three health care providers urging me to get more exercise (beyond half an hour of daily yoga). I plan to do more walking and back to Strong Woman weight lifting…just have to figure out how to reward myself without using high-calorie food…I Love butter, mayonnaise, potato chips, cheese…I must have at least one vice! My every morning yoga has almost become its own reward…I feel stiff if I neglect to spend the time, and lord knows, I have to stay healthy, because I can’t afford to be taken care of.

I hate driving somewhere to walk, but did walk yesterday when i had to go downtown to the post office. I live on a Big Hill, so it’s challenging to walk around my neighborhood, but good for my heart. I was raised in an era and by a family where Productivity was valued  almost as much as Thrift, so it is a Learning experience to take time out for myself, to walk and keep myself healthy.

Two snowstorms so far today with melts in between… and I see a blue hole to the west…so maybe a walk after I post? Above photos from the last week, including sunrise over snow, buds, leaves, monkey pine and several different snow storms, which have all melted away by post time.

Confusion, from the Fears series.
2.21.18FearBreakdownofSocietyB copy
Breakdown of Society
No Shelter

Now I’ve finished the nine panels of Fears…I’ll put them together into book form next, with loops on the sides and red-painted chop stick hinges to make an accordion. The Artist Book Show at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center is Wonderful, lots of old friends and artists new to town at the opening last night. More about that next Sunday…the show will be up til mid May…check it out. A number of people wanting to learn how to put ancestor photos into fabric books. There’s also my Ancestor Making book on Amazon.

See Jan Dove’s excellent photos of the artist book show:

Sunday Snow and Valentines

Enjoy Romance, just don’t take it too seriously!

In the Northwest it’s as likely to wake up to sun and flowers or an almost white-out, as it was this morning.

I like the slightly out-of-control aspect of watercolor and ink with a pen. the purple is part of a card, my brother, Doug, made

I’ve been working on my Fears series…and soon it will be time to come up with another project to keep myself out of trouble…sometimes an artist who lives alone spends too much time pondering. Maybe work on something in warm and bright colors…a riot of pattern.

Fear of Natural Disaster: weather, shifting plates. There have been a number of Disaster Preparedness meetings lately…the knowledge that a tsunami could roar up the Strait of Juan de Fuca at any moment adds a certain zest to our lives…Can we deal with feeling helpless by enjoying each moment that presents itself?

The Artist Book Show that prompted my last two projects will be opening at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center next weekend, including the muslin book about my early years and using photos Dad printed.

“All You Need is Love”

Valentine’s Day was this week, and though I don’t have a special Love, my sister-in-law, Connie always sends me a card, and the whole heart shape and concept of Romance is always fun for play. Rag Bag Gals on Facebook had a heart challenge with some beautiful results, including drawings of people on the hearts.

Snowy Sunday morning. The dark blue is the Strait of Juan de Fuca

I keep reminding myself not to get Tooooo serious and to continue to enjoy whatever life dishes up as much as I can.

Love Myself: Cornbread with hot peppers, sun dried tomatoes and cheese for breakfast…smells and tastes SO GOOD!

If you’re in town, come to the opening. I’ll see you there!


Hot Flash Renaissance
Part of the Fears series…Being alone, without family or friends, feeling helpless.
Hunger…Fear of lack of food….climate change or too many people for the available food. We are making decisions now that will affect everyone’s future.
Fear of War…nuclear holocaust, no shelter

Be careful what you wish for…I needed more projects, and voila! They appear. Barb Kobe will be offering the Hot Flash class as a self-study experience soon. I had just gone back to starting to put all my hot flash information together into a new book for Amazon, but Barb’s project will come first.

I’m still making art, chalk on a painted black page, an abstract figure with a stamp for a head.

This seems like a good time to revive the concept of the Hot Flash Woman…how at any age, we can show courage and inspire others to live the truth we find in our own lives. Sign up for the class at I will be watching and offering suggestions from the sidelines. It’s always fun to watch students  flower and lend a hand here and there.

A new life for the stories and projects in this book.

Gray skies return, but it is a good time to be inside and working on projects, especially those with bright colors. Here winter has green grass, but gray skies. I am seeing signs of new growth and spring allergies.

Another Project, of Course!

Now that the fabric Ancestor Book is ready for the show at Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, opening 2/24, my and my mother’s tax information is organized and ready for the appointment with Joe in March, and the two tablecloths are finished and in use, I absolutely, for my own mental health, must have one or more new projects.

I’ve started working on the next fabric book, which was going to be a wall hanging, a classic 9-patch, but on the theme of Fears, since there is so much inspiration these days. I decided to make it into a fabric book instead, and it will be easier to store, using tabs and painted chopsticks to make a different accordion with a limited white/red/black color palette. Each panel is 5″x5″ a white-on-white Japanese fabric. I’ve been doing a lot of sketches, trying to express complex ideas with simple shapes…good design practice!

New compositions in the blue leather sketchbook that Katie gave me.

The thumbnail sketches (approximately 1″ square) have been fun, inspired by the topics, Pinterest, or other images I see in magazines. Each step brings subtle changes to the image, and now I’m binge-watching Friends while I stitch, as well as a movie about Michael Jackson last night..

I’ve been working on mixed media drawings again, too. I must have a project in order to survive in the world–wouldn’t have it any other way. Nice to take an afternoon break today with Harriet, too. My world is coming back to life from the dark (but warm this year) days of winter. I’m hoping for the best for everyone.

The second table cloth, more of the Aboriginal fabric David gave me
A treat to myself, a cinnamon roll at Haven after my fasting blood test…finished the rest for breakfast today…BE GOOD TO YOUR SELF!