Life after Voting

Look just above to download a free copy of 3D Dolls, lesson 2. Just click the button to download your own .pdf

A luxurious beige lunch last weekend: grilled whole wheat sandwich thin, organic pear, brie, last piece of Katie’s Wonderful Very Lemon Pie.

I voted on the same day that my ballot arrived in the mail. I Thought I’d feel relieved, but that didn’t last long…OK…deep breath and back to Making Art…an effective way to let go of the load of anxiety…you already know all the things. New Today: using the commercial space shuttle to drop weapons

More portrait practice: acrylic paint background, black brush marker outlines, colored pencil interior
Acrylic, chalk, pencil…simpler approach…I’m doing more, more, more
Multiple face variations. Small images on paper pasted over a background of collaged notes, acrylic paint, Walnut ink
Compassion for others who are suffering..background includes label from a large can of refried beans, which I love as comfort food.
Bursting through the cracks…from my walk yesterday, shall we be persistent, like the weeds?

After voting, I cooked a lot of different things, including a sausage/apple pie with cheddar crust from Kate McDermott’s Art of the Pie. And I finished reading Erica Bauermeister’s The Lost Art of Mixing, lovely escapist fiction with food, an interesting range of characters, and pretty much happy ending…I LOVE my public library!

Apple/sausage pie from Kate McDermott’s Art of the Pie
Crostini with the scraps of cheddar crust, marscapone and Ed’s blackberry jam
Veggies from my farm share
Nova Scotia Oaties, one of my favorite Pandemic treats…unfortunately, I was doing too many things at once and forgot the sugar…still good, though. I sprinkled brown sugar on top and baked again.

Another chance to download the 3D dolls, lesson 2 down below.

A Gift to You: Making 3D Dolls, Lesson 1

I’m recycling some old images, perhaps for a card to benefit Port Townsend School of the Arts…doing what I can.

The Global Pandemic is offering everyone a chance to stay home and work on creative projects. In the spirit of each of us giving what we can to add to the Greater Good, I will be posting the online classes I developed years ago for free to anyone who wants them…If I can figure out how to do it on this platform.

My friend Rheba, whom I’ve never met in person, sent me an envelope of scraps of handmade paper that she printed on once upon a time.
Inspired by Chantal Joffe. Strange how different the faces I copy turn out from the originals
A brilliant book, Gilgamesh, named after a bible story, more Rheba images, thinking about the moment…and how lucky most of my friends and I are.
The stories objects tell. I must have hit the edge of my whipped cream bowl just wrong, because now there’s a distinct chip out of the edge.
Tuesday I went in to Port Book and News to pick up the book I’d pre-ordered, and Kate McDermott was still there AND I got half of the demo pie!!!

Since new infections break out each time people start getting together unprotected, and since Scientists working hard together still take time to develop and test new vaccines properly, let’s Make Art!

Angel in front of a derelict home…keep your eyes open!
Curved Branches Colleen spotted in the Olympic National Forest
A weird doll I made for PAFAC Holiday show
Car Guy for a card.

Creative Distraction

My sister-in-law, Connie Corrick, always remembers our birthdays and holidays with cards. Now she’s also sending Pandemic Postcards…everyone loves to receive mail. I deconstructed her VanGogh card to create a new piece

I was complaining to my brother, David, about how my attention seems to jump all over the place, especially with aging and Covid isolation. He very kindly replied, that it was just my Creativity, always coming up with new thoughts. I think I’ll go with that.

Getting outside every day is part of my mental health plan. I do some yard work and a walk around my hilly block almost every day. There’s a small tree turned red on the left and the mighty Olympic Mountains cradled in clouds straight ahead (south)

I know from my years of art-making that sometimes limiting choices leads to more possibilities. On these days leading up to a major election, I’d like to focus on the positive and encourage others to do so as well. (and be sure to VOTE!)

From the yard a hen with babies on a stalk

Artists are learning to use up what we’ve been hoarding, share supplies with others who are not as blessed with excess. People who work with fabrics are notorious collectors…to whom do you leave your stash?

Playing with some walnut ink and images from my stash…emphasizing Connection. Yellow colored pencil and watery acrylic paint, brush marker

Instead of UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) we now have the time to pursue a creative idea through to the end…and perhaps make a few variations on the theme. This morning I spent a happy hour collecting Pinterest images of paintings that inspire me. I’ve started a notebook of those images…even better than art school…and not nearly as expensive. Since I’m not trying to sell my work (mostly), I feel fine about being inspired by and even copying, as long as I attribute.

White pattern of fungus on the end of a felled tree in the forest with Colleen…inspiration.

I am Thankful that in this particular crisis, even with the addition of wildfire smoke, our supply chains, water, and electricity are still open. This time is a great opportunity to share, learn, and do…try a new recipe, learn a new skill or study a new topic, pull something out from the bottom of your stash to use up.

More Walnut ink play…still thinking about the fires
Zuchinni pancakes with carrot and onion, harvest time here, and thank you to April and the North Olympic Land Trust for sharing vegetables
Saturday Night Pizza, 1/4 Hugh and Connie’s pear pizza with walnuts, 1/4 using some of the massaged kale salad with sausage, 1/2 traditional sausage/onion/mushroom…fun with food without going out. Last weekend I made applesauce spice cake with all the apples people gave me. The Pandemic is an opportunity to learn new recepies.
Bits and pieces form the basis of a new piece. I’m using up the “good” collage paper, too, having faith that more will turn up, and there will always be enough.

Have Fun…don’t be too hard on yourself, learn something new, reach out and be kind.

I’m making small dolls for the Holiday Show at Port Angeles Fine Arts Center…stay tuned!

We Survive!

This is a simple fabric book with a folio binding. I stitched pages together with a simple running stitch after decorating…collage using acrylic medium and indelible markers.

Here in the Pacific Northwest the air quality is back to Good. My dizziness that arrived with the smoke is slowly receding, unless I look up or down too fast. I’ve started walking again, being sure to great each person or group on the other side of the road to try to nurture the neighborly feeling.

Crunchy fall leaves on the path in the Olympic National Forest where Colleen and I walk, while wearing masks and staying six feet apart. Even in a mostly evergreen forest there are signs of fall…more gray days now, too.
Blue sky from my front porch after weeks of smoke from forest fires. Now when a gray day appears, it means water for our thirsty land.

I just started: America, the Farewell Tour, by Chris Hedges for book group at the library. I’ve been reading lots of books, trying to figure out what’s going on with our world and if there’s anything to be done.

Cover of the folio book. Collage attached with acrylic gel medium

Artists of all kinds may be more suited than most to the boldness required to embrace potential change and do something with it…so far I haven’t found beacons of hope, but I haven’t given up looking. From The Farewell Tour: Rulers just before empires collapse tend to be narcissistic idiots who encourage hatred and distrust among the masses…sound familiar? So I try to act friendly and supportive to my fellow humans.

This is a 3-inch square wool felt book with a Japanese binding, collage, stitching, beading…and a very loose story.
I used tiny beads to attach a pre-decorated cotton page to the back of the felt cover. I cut out a similar bold face from Ultrasuede for the next page
Repeat with the next set of pages. The Words: “Suspicion” and “What” selected for being enigmatic and for fitting in the available space.
I dreamed the idea for Fragments
The folio book, lines on the left play off the fabric on the right…collect weird images

My projects keep me going…Yay, Artists! In the evenings (longer darkness these days), I stitch on fabric books. Maybe I’ll even finish my How I Make Fabric Books book by the end of 2020…and go on to another graphic novel.

I’m still doing collages, too
This was inspired by David Hughs’ illustrations…look him up on Pinterest
Inspired by photos from National Geographic (included) Anything is fair game to set one off on art making…don’t be shy!

By the Way, to all visual artists who are plugging along during this pandemic, surrounded by a life time of treasures…if you have any materials to spare, there may be groups in your neighborhood, like Clallam Mosaic here in Port Angeles, who are desperate for art supplies to help their clients cope. I just delivered bags and boxes to April, who is even delighted with a pile of washed styrofoam meat trays, that her clients use for printing. I’ll be the Zoom visiting artist for a class on paper dolls…So Much can be done with what’s around the house…be sure to share where you can! And greet neighbors when you’re out walking.

Double Faces
This is not yet the end of the story…Make Art/Be Kind

Clearing Skies: What do They Reveal?

Last week, at the top of downtown, looking into a wall of smoke, covering the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Canada in the distance.

Today is Sunday, September 20th, Almost Equnox. Air here on the North Olympic Peninsula has been gradually clearing since Thursday. Today I’m going to try my half-hour walk around the block again.

Collage, colored pencil, ink…all drawing teaches us something. White colored pencil on tan tissue (from a sandwich take out)…interesting effect.

After practicing Social Isolation for the last more than 6 months, I was doubly isolated, mostly shut inside my house while the air outside was “Very Unhealthy” because of forest fires north, west, and south of here. I am very grateful for the light rains that finally returned, dampening our immediate forests.

One of the few entertainments from the window by my computer…the Bucket Dance

I’m still dizzy, but I think less so. I wonder about possible permanent brain damage from the weeks of possible hypoxia…there are people, many people, who live surrounded by unhealthy air All the Time!

The Bucket Dance 2

Is there Any Possibility that we (the larger WE) can use this close-to-death experience to reflect on how close to death we ALL actually are, as Homo Sapiens on this planet? Can we defeat the greedy and destructive forces in DC and elsewhere, and Start Paying Attention to Humanity and our future here???

The Bucket Dance Collage/drawing

There is huge resistance to face Truth…no we cannot prevent forest fires by sweeping up under trees…but more resources may need to be directed toward forest management, maybe fewer people should build in the path of forest management. Maybe women should be aided in being able to control their bodies and family size instead of being preached at.

Collage with drawing and writing. Art can express what we are experiencing, have experienced, and what we hope for.

The current president is certainly doing his part by causing increased deaths, 200,000, among Americans by pretending that the virus and the science for dealing with a virus pandemic do not exist. There are those who will feel more secure by believing his lies…a combination of wishful thinking and projections of his faults onto others.

Breaking Out. Colored Pencil and ink. Inspired by someone else’s painting.

Sorry, I keep determining to keep these posts upbeat and inspiring. Yesterday I picked up my farm share from North Olympic Land Trust…it is So energizing to eat from our local bounty, savoring and blessing each mouthful. Changing foods with the seasons, knowing I am contributing to keeping at least some lands and waters producing.

From an old National Geographic photo…I really like how this turned out…do more!
More bucket dance…they worked on this project for several days…and so did I.

Keep Making Art, Working at distinguishing between Truth and Fantasy, speaking out, speaking up. This morning I read on Baffler about a group of people with more than their share of money taking a carbon-spewing flight to nowhere just because they don’t have the imagination to make art.

Art from cherry parts…Art is All Around Us! Make it Yours!

Trying Times

Rain Dance. Air here still “Very Dangerous”
Noon yesterday from Inside. Smoke north, south, and all around. One brief rush of 5 deer up the hill earlier…animals are lying low, too. The photos from the actual fires are harrowing.

My Extreme Sympathy to all those who are worse off than I am. I’m dizzy and still confined to my house, surrounded by smoke from fires in eastern WA, CA, OR. I still have plenty of food supplies and a whole house as studio, with lots of books and projects. I’m afraid that the smoke might be starting to creep in, since I’m still dizzy mid day…but still OK, and was able to get down on the floor and back up without falling in order to get my internet working again.

Art can reflect current concerns, fears, projections…or be a great avenue for escapism and push fears in back of us.

This is a time when it is doubly, triply important to be in contact with like-minded humans. A short email helps.

A drawing/collage inspired by birthday cake on my blue plate.

Here’s what I wrote when I woke up on the second or third morning of double isolation (Virus and Fire).

Salt and ash on my tongue
Air quality is “Very unhealthy.”
We did this to ourselves
Stupid people with fireworks at a baby sex-reveal party in CA
Industrialists assuming that Lady Nature could absorb whatever they threw at her…and not really caring
I can’t go outside
this, right now, is dystopia.
Level 228: Very unhealthy

Covid Journal, second volume, pasting in small drawings on scraps
Collecting Patterns is part of a fairly mindless exercise…I need lots of those these days!

Keep Making Art. It doesn’t have to be world-shakingly original…as you can see from mine. Help others when you can. There are a lot of us…all over the planet who still believe in compassion. Even an email can help.

The first smoke day, maybe 9/11, I made a big batch of pancakes with the last of the blueberries…delicious and makes great snacks, since I’ve discovered I need to keep eating small amounts regularly to decrease dizziness from smoke. Covid has gotten me into the habit of stockpiling food, in case I can’t get out…the supply is good so far out here, but who knows what winter will bring.
My Labor Day holiday meal…Food-As-Love, including watermelon pickles specially made for me by my brother, Hugh.
Signs of fall, change. Best Good Luck to all! Thanks to all my brothers and especially to David for helping me navigate the new WordPress.

Sweet Sunday

This rock, from my yard, but probably one I picked up at a beach, inspired the following mixed-media drawing
Drawing that the photo inspired: paint, ink, colored pencil in my sketchbook, maybe use one of my last 3 canvases…I think I named another piece Endurance.

I took my walk around one of the local blocks early today. It’s supposed to stay cool, but with no clouds for weeks, the heat builds up. And I have more energy in the morning, but it starts to wane around 3pm or sooner. Last night I started a stitching project to make small wool felt books…another excuse to order fabric, too. I give myself treats, while treats still are obtainable.

Hugh and Connie exhibiting Social Distancing. They came mid week, to avoid the Labor Day Weekend crowds.
Hugh and Connie at Port Williams Beach…different from the beach I visited with Doug and his family.
Annonymous art work on the beach. Few other people as we walked south

If you are a brave soul and want to learn more about what our future may hold, go to Living in the Time of Dying and watch the video. Dahr Jamail, Stan Rushworth, Michael Shaw, and Deb Ozarko all speak about what to expect.

LIke the Buddhist practice in which we let the evils of the world pass through us and add our compassion to them, one (I) try to be aware of what’s happening…or not happening and feel as much compassion as possible toward those who suffer (most of us).

The next day on Hurricane Ridge, Connie taking pictures, a view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca between the ridges. Dry and lots of people, but almost all wearing masks, at the top.

I have been blessed with visits (in small groups) from local family, enjoying more beautiful days, and the bounty of my countryside.

Colored pencil drawing inspired by brocade that makes me think of bodies
Leonard Cohen, playing with collage, ink, and colored pencil. the original photo was totally black on the right side…I include all my work, even the less-successful
Collage and drawing…when is the “time to defy”?
Collage and colored-pencil drawing…color from a black and white photo. Working the hand and eye together continue to train both.

I keep making art and writing, because that’s what I do.

My back yard late afternoon. More cleaned up than usual because of enforced isolation. The lower angle of the sun in the west changes the look.
http://My backkyard porch garden late afternoon, I have difficulty judging the amount of water. The tomato plants look pathetic, but I have been eating tiny golden orbs. It seems therapeutic for me to grow things. I found evidence that deer had actually climbed the two steps and nibbled one tomato plant.
Possible inspiration from a rock at Port Williams
Eat well, September is the best month for summer fruits and greens, support your local farmers and merchants. A big Thank You to my brother, David, who started introducing me to the new form of WordPress…New learning stretches old brains.

Stay Safe and Healthy. Make food and other things. Be Kind to yourself and others.

Temporary Hiatus

This was the blog I thought I published last week, when I only had my elderly (and tiny) laptop to work with. At least then I could post a picture…the tiny deer in my back yard.

I’m waiting for my new iMac to be loaded with my stuff and making do…with difficulty…with the macBook Pro I usually just use for entertainment in the studio.

Yes, I’m 73 and set in my ways, but trying to stretch my brain about new technology so it stays flexible and lock-down mode so I stay healthy and able to take care of myself. I’ll get out and walk as soon as the laundry is dry.

I’ll be back!8.7.20TwoBabyDeerBkYrd

Still Discombobulated!

I’m on my new computer, having company, trying to figure out a different version of Photoshop…and trying to settle some knotty problems in my quest to make life meaningful.

It’s not working! So today I want to send Vibrations of Compassion out to Everyone on the Planet…even those I wish were on Mars…or maybe even the surface of the sun…No peace and compassion to all sentient beings!

Now WordPress has changed, too….!Scream!!!

So maybe no pictures today. Looks as if the blog I thought I posted last week was lost, too.

Here’s to Better Days for ALL!

Family as Inspiration and Company

Cover of a fabric book for Thayer…and an example for my Making Fabric Books book…A cleaner page for more contemporary images.

I am lucky to have family whose company I really enjoy…That was a motivator when I moved across country to the Northwest Coast, along with the “perfect” be closer to more of them. They also make  good subjects for fabric journals. We are having some careful visits, especially with Thayer and Najwa here from Brooklyn, NY.

Pages from Thayer’s book, limited to the last 2 generations, with a few images harking back further…brighter colors, cleaner design, no lace, but black running stitch to attach photos and define areas.

I don’t know if it’s my aging or the Virus or worry about our future (although I KNOW worry doesn’t help), but I can’t seem to accomplish as much in a day as I used to. Today I’ve had to do the laundry, cleaning, weed-gathering, and watering and close up the house with the heat-pump-driven air conditioning set on 78.

The weather was perfect: sunny and low seventies, the ever-changing beach at the mouth of the Elwah was a great place to enjoy being outside together at a distance, even on a Friday in August. Fabulous dinner on the deck at LD’s. Thayer and I traded stones…some of those I found will be going to a roof garden in Brooklyn…it was fun arguing politics and history with a Phd student.

11:04am now, and I must finish and post my blog, then make a copy of the How I make Fabric Books book, clean up the computer, so I can leave it at Mac Traders by 10am tomorrow to transfer everything to my new computer…a new era. I’m excited and apprehensive about learning a new machine…and teaching myself Instagram, more Photoshop and Illustrator, and Adobe Animate… but I do love learning new things and stretching my brain.

Beautifully-peeling madrona trees on one of my local walks…discussed how much we like these trees with a woman on the other side of the street.

Yesterday I met Herman at a picnic table outside the library, both of us fully masked and distanced, me giving him a stack of books with which I was finished. I was trying to talk him into the value of owning a computer these days…things keep changing. Just as we’ll never really go back to the “normal” before the Pandemic, more and more of human life will be dependent on being able to use technology. I hope we don’t lose too much old-fashioned Connection along the way.

A stone in my gravel yard…inspiration for a drawing, I’m sure. Watch for it next week.

Dry field by my house…inspiration for a stitch piece.

Be healthy, be kind to yourself and others, Make Art!