We are All Connected

Selfie at the Yayoi Kusana exhibit at SAM. Red Polka Dots
Looking toward town from Ediz Hook…the mountains are covered by smoke

A gray sky with a red ball of sun…Jan says that’s the way the forest fires manifested when she lived in California. As we drove to the Bainbridge Island Art Museum for an artist book lecture, some areas were so smokey/cloudy we almost turned back.

Looking from town, where one can usually see the Coast Guard base on Ediz Hook, with the low hills of Vancouver Island in the background.
Polka dots and last-of-summer chocolate and strawberry frozen yogurt

After developing a sore throat earlier in the week, seeing brown fog rising toward my house from the water, then starting a wracking cough, I realized that last summer’s pneumonia scare was probably an allergic reaction to the smoke from forest fires north of here…and I have no direct control over the forest fires in Canada. Luckily my heat pump does air conditioning as well as heating , so I’m barricaded in my house for the duration…but what if the current US rush to please the oil and gas industry has its way? The greed to extract without any apparent thought for consequences makes me grateful again that I decided not to have children…but I told myself I wouldn’t be political here…

I keep coming back to the 2 women on a beach…and some other figures: me and my niece and nephew from another photo, plus the red sun in fog
I added contrast to an earlier painting of these two women on a beach…I may be done with them for now.
Finished this nude, by adding more contrast and fixing her right leg
This is collage and paint (18″ x 18″). The image has haunted me since I took the photo in Chicago…very abstract for me. I should have printed it a bit lighter. Somehow posting online removes me enough from the original to see it as a unit.
Drawing of a photo of Andrew Wyeth’s face, practicing realism. Sharpies and markers, and a bit of diluted acrylic…preparing for the journal project…we’re not supposed to use medium in that book, because it tends to stay sticky.

Earlier this week I trecked to SAM to see Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors…the artist parlayed her obsessive compulsive disorder into World-Wide Fame as a creator of environments and paintings with obsessive dots. The show was an Experience, and I was happy to see so many people in an art museum on a Sunday. Another opportunity for questioning, What is Art? and the apparently necessary skills of self-promotion versus going deep to create something life- and mind-changing.

A study in rectangles and human-made construction in Seattle with one small sign of nature.
yayoi’s painting and sculpture, which I like.
Another painting at SAM, to which I said:???
Lots of waiting in lines for the show…an opportunity for me to sit and sketch people
This was an Obliteration room, where we were given dots to gradually obscure the white room. I snuck one out to put onto one of my sketch of the waiting line.
7.30.17Waiting at SAM
The dot from the Obliteration Room and the star sticker to insure I only attended the show once
Infinity Room
A pink flower I’ve never seen before that I found in my back yard with the Hens and Chicks…infinity everywhere. Keep Looking, Seeing, Making ART!

Pinterest is wonderful for giving me such a range of artists’ work to study…I’m interested in how MIlton Avery simplifies forms to create his pictures. How very, very prolific Louise Bourgeois was in exploring ideas and media, especially fiber. My dictate to myself: Just keep going Back to the Studio! Are we blessed or cursed by this desire to create? I’m going with Blessed…and not caring if a thousand other people are doing it better…Keep Making Art!


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