The Mighty Healing Elwah

8/7/17 The mouth of the Elwah in fog, silt from Lake Mills forming a network of ever-changing deltas

My good friend, Katie, needed to build up her healing energy this week. She is helping to care for a family member with a lot of physical and emotional needs. Katie requested some energy building time with me, in order to prepare for the difficulties of the weeks ahead.

8.7.17 KatiePlaceRdBeach
Katie wandering and picking up sticks and stones at the mouth of the Elwah

We went both to the mysterious and ever-changing mouth of the Elwah where silt from the removal of the highest dam in the US to be removed to date has created deltas and channels. Katie finds that spot very healing. We wandered in remaining smoke from the forest fires in Canada plus fog from the decreasing temperature of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, picking up sticks and stones, talking just enough. We shared a plate of fried clams and later ice cream and proceeded to what was Lake Mills, the site of the 200 foot dams that used to generate electricity, but made spawning very difficult for the salmon…no one thought there would ever be an end to salmon back when the dam was built in 1927, so no fish ladder was included.

Looking up the Elwah River where Lake Mills used to be, and down into the canyon that was dammed to produce electricity in 1927

Just as the smoke spreads way beyond its native land, so no one anticipated the problems the dams would cause to the fish. What might seem like a small thing can cause a huge catastrophe…and now that the planet is crowded way beyond its comfortable capacity, we can expect cascades of environmental crises.

Rough draft page for the Journal Project…my origins
Driving across country in my silver Honda Civic to be closer to three of my brothers in the Northwest

This week has been a time of my studying all the branches of my family’s genealogy…so strange to hear stories of ancestors living and settling Vermont in the 1600’s. For my great grandfather Stevenson, sailing to India and using his legacy to buy a “large” 200 acre farm in southern Quebec were big deals. Too bad he had no training in farming. For other parts of the family, nestling into the Northeast Kingdom of VT was all they wanted.

A dream of dying, with red sparks on black…some of the potential causes of death these days. The red sparks against black were very pretty.
The novels of Banana Yoshimoto involve food and love, and give me a lot of comfort. I like this flat illustration style. The rectangle is a window to the potted flowers on the balcony. I enjoy illustration

I hope we survive long enough as a species for this to become interesting information…I’m carrying on the Family tradition of consolidating some of the information and then passing the rest on to historical societies in VT.

My brother, Doug, his wife and children are in Palestine this week. A photo from the Old City…families keep branching. My niece and nephew have half Arab ancestors.

Think of your families and what you will pass on. What have you inherited from your antecedents? What do you want to pass on?


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