Living with My History

Self-portrait, Dad at 16, printed on cotton, sewn into a fabric journal page.

Genealogy has been filling my mind lately, going through family history, genealogy research, photographs…even ones from my childhood, 70 years ago, seem antique. Dad was a photographer and apparently never threw anything away…my mother saved all her family’s stories…and Dad’s too. They moved and moved, carried and carried…I’ve been working on using some of the images and stories in my art work. Now electronic storage allows me to consolidate.

Drawing/collage, story, my maternal Grandmother
The oldest of my brothers and I, the white column from paternal Grandparents old house, current twisted images from the show I saw at SAM illustrate the tangled story lines.

David and I sent several boxes of physical evidence to Historical Societies in both our parent’s birth towns in Northeastern VT. I gave more photos to Hugh this weekend. I don’t want these people and their stories, going back to the 1600’s, to be lost. We learn through stories.

Revisiting the beach at the mouth of the Elwah where I recently went with Katie. The universal urge to create Art Work…An  anonymous artist made a mark.
Hugh and Connie at the old dam site…no forest fire smoke this time
Hugh and Connie saw Meyer Lemons and thought of my birthday lemon meringue pie…which they then created for us to enjoy together…it was AMAZING!
Many, many baby pictures of me…I used my face as polka dots, along with evidence of a letter from 1942…cross-fertilization with the show at SAM
Bird leavings on Hugh’s car window, along with a reflection of me taking the photo become an abstract composition

My four brothers and I are lucky to enjoy each other’s company. Hugh and Connie were here for the weekend from Seattle…one of us living in the country (me) allows the others to enjoy pieces of it. We love to cook and eat together…Doug has been sending all of us pictures of the feasts his family has been enjoying in Palestine. At times I rebel against the constant work of getting myself back into the studio to make Art…colors images, shapes, ideas, words…Actually, I can’t live without art making…the effort pays off!

The pressure of posting new work weekly makes me work on Art. My Great Grandmother’s face on an abstract body.
I like a bright background after sepia-toned photos. I painted three journal pages orange. A pattern for a new doll interacts with David Hockney…and someone else’s legs and shoes
Tiny photos from my father’s legacy become shapes and shades…no matter what type of composition, all the basics of good design come into play.

KEEP TAKING YOURSELF BACK TO THE STUDIO…Enjoy every moment of what is around you!



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