Nine Fears

Humans like to leave their marks…a miniature Stonehenge at the Place Road Beach, mouth of the Elwah

The fear and depression pop out among my friends. Annie asks, “how can I go on.” We are Baby Boomers and have seen bad times come and go. We know enough history to know for sure that no country, even ours, can live up to its own hype. We understand enough science to know that the activities and outcomes on our planet are connected and we may be running up against a wall.

New estuary in Port Angeles. I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth
Katie and I picked blueberries last Monday…another perfect, sunny day
Hot Chocolate nourishes friendship
Blackberry.Pear pie on Tuesday…blackberries from my front yard, pears from Hugh’s yard in West Seattle. Nourishing my friends to care for his sister with cancer after cancer…care for those we can.

I do try hard to follow Barbara and Buddhism’s advice to do what I can and then try to enjoy every moment of this beautiful world and life.

8.22.17DollWithHair copy
A new doll with sewn-in hair. I may add stitching to follow the pattern lines
Drag the pattern onto your desktop and enlarge to fit on 8.5″x11″ paper

Making art helps to keep me sane. I’m going to do a nine-patch adaptation of some of my major fears. I try to remember that the people we think of as on the other side are also afraid.

I’ve started filling my book for the Sketchbook Project. Katie loaned me a strong adhesive. I’ve been consolidating my genealogical information…and pursuing my use of Graphic Grannie
Page 2 of my Sketchbook Project.I make the first layout of each page for myself…see last week
Still making pins and small dolls for November’s show…hopeful activity
Haunting images from magazines, a model building up side down, reflective paper…playing breeds more ideas.
I tried drawing with markers on top of a thin acrylic wash…the fine-pointed sharpies run out of ink quickly. This week try drawing with washes on top…or watercolor instead of acrylic. This artist uses her body to create her work.
I keep experimenting with new ideas and media combinations…even on a slow week, I keep making

Makah Days: Spur of the moment trip with Jan and Mary Ann…I’d never been before. The very Northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula. The day was Perfect! Bright blue and green, sky, sea, trees…singing, dancing, canoe races, fry bread with butter and jam…in the Makah’s sovereign nation. These people are coming back from very, very hard times…I shall think of this experience as hopeful.


2 thoughts on “Nine Fears

  1. Yes, this is a scary world right now. You are bringing light into it and that is an important thing to help us remember why it is worth resisting the darkness and not just hiding away. Each person’s little light gives strength. I am making and trying to follow your lead. I like the doll pattern. I might use it to make a quick doll in between the ones I am “slow-stitiching”.

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