What is Truth?


“A truth warrior in a time of Chaos.”…I’ve been reading so many different blogs, who knows where truth lies, and what effect one action will have on Everything Else? Michael Moore is arguing for Inclusiveness, rather than Separation, and I agree. Our country and the world have such complicated problems, how can we solve them if we’re so busy blaming each other? I suppose that could be a distraction technique.


Our fears are inflamed by “pundits,” too much information, social media, by natural disasters, by feeling powerless to find decent jobs or access to affordable health care and clean water and food. We need to work together to solve these problems, and chances are no one of us is going to get ALL of what we want, even the richest guys in their bunkers who think they might be able to turn the rest of the world into expendable serfs and retreat to their bunkers to ride out every challenge nature throws at us


OK, back to life-saving Art Work! I find that the more I draw and collage, the better I get, and I really do enjoy bright colors and trying out all my different kinds of markers, glues, and finishes…and bits of stories.

Yesterday Jan and I went to an Artist Book talk at the Bainbridge Island Art Museum, we stocked up at Artists’ Edge in Poulsbo, and got excited about making new book forms…well, Jan did, but I don’t think I’m neat enough in my work to make real Artist Books. I do want to try using a metal box I have, to hold translucent sheets, so the next part of the story shows through each page…Will I ever get it designed??? Stay Tuned!


Mother Nature presented yellow smoke and difficult-to-breathe air from forest fires on three sides of us. I had to stay inside with the windows closed. By the end of the week, I needed to get out, parking downtown by the water, the city pier, and the ferry dock to eat my Frugal’s cheeseburger and fries. I didn’t get much Art accomplished.


Finally some rain! Wonderful patterns of rocks, fence, grass, buildings, trees.


Abstract patterns of plants and rocks (the gold one is from a new load) in my back yard.


Another pin for the holiday show…repetitious stitching always makes me feel better.


Round Headed Dolls, and another pattern for you. These are quick and fun, especially in lots of different fabrics. Change the arm and leg styles to see how they will look.


Drag the pattern to your desktop and print it 7.5 inches wide.

I hope to accomplish more art work next week. I will function better if I can go outside and move around, not cough, not be too hot. This week I got the last of the antique family Artifacts sent to Vermont…a load off my mind. Now that I’ve put the basics of our genealogy onto computer, the younger generation is more interested. Great Family Stories, so I need to get back to the Sketchbook Project: Story of my Life.

Friends have joined me in feeling that they want to preserve their family history, but don’t know how to do so…the local Historical Societies are grateful…individual “regular” people make up a big part of history…nice to preserve.

Keep Making ART and being kind to each other…find out what other people think. Look around you and figure out what you can do to help…if we each do a little…




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