A Change of Heart/Mind on Gaming

Drawing was always my first love.
Drawing was always my first love.

This is a section for things I’ve done in class, but haven’t followed up on yet…stay tuned!

Playing games: After watching the Ted talk and these game trailers again, I see that I didn’t give Gaming a fair chance. I downloaded three free games from iTunes, one was solitaire, which got pretty boring, two had lots of colors and shapes shooting at me, but I didn’t know how to play, so I kept losing and it went away, Three was a castle walk through game, which I could figure out, but the graphics were pretty lame, and it didn’t hold my interest. One thing I figured out was that making art for me holds my interest and allows me to share, the way Gaming does for others.

2) Planning: Starting to catch up on experiences I have missed because of when I was born, learn to use iTunes, Illustrator, generally become more comfortable with navigating the world of computer and infographics. Try Power Point for my presentation, even though it’s old fashioned

3) Stumbling blocks: my lack of experiences with the stuff that forms the basis for all this new learning…but that makes it challenging and exciting, too. As soon as I re-learn the code for doing a screen shot, I’ll put one in here.


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