Project Management 2: Overview

Hero’s Journey…

1.Ordinary World Looking for direction…where to start?
Comfortable in familiar world
Minimum wage job
2.Call to Adventure
Realization of dead end job
Lost job
3. Refusal of call
Fear of the unknown, financial issues
Too many obstacles to leave the comfortable Known
4. Meeting with Mentor Is the mentor a person? Is there more than one mentor (paths diverging)
Teachers, fellow students, older relative in the community
Advisors, asking questions—at school or before
5. Crossing first Threshold
Is this arriving on campus or the first class?
What keys/goodies does the hero need to proceed?
6.Tests, Allies, Enemies
Waking up, convincing yourself you can do this
Teachers, advisors, student services, library, meets other
students, nice and not, difficult teacher, out of date instructions, failing computer, tutors, team-mates, parking pass, ID
7. Approach Setbacks lead to New approach
Poor test score, difficult class, trouble on an assignment
Having a baby, losing job, difficulty studying, need $$
Learn new skills for mastering problems—computer, study
Tutor, Study Group, back to the advisor
8. Ordeal Major Hurdle
Car or computer dies, crisis at home, money runs out
Re-thinking major or whether college is advisable
Midterm and finals, class times and work conflict
Many setbacks snowball into a crisis with work and school
9. Reward
Does graduation come here, or does the hero use new skills
And resources to keep going? get wind of a job that will
Use the new skills?
10. The Road Back
Use school resources to discover a repayment plan
What Carrie said 11/9…no end of challenges, but better skills
Return to old job while searching for new one, more roadblocks
11.Resurrection hero–Final Test
Finals and requirements for graduation
Stepping stone job or volunteering while researching ideal job
Writing a new resume, interviewing for jobs or next school
12. Return with Elixir—Cycle is complete
Share Elixir—volunteer to help someone from peer group navigate
Pen col, having the skills to help others
Good job, the next step in schooling, family applauds

Counter to mark progress…bottom of page
Terminology along right side

Path through woods
Treasure chests along the way
Keys and swag to find and use
Doors or chests to open
SIMPLE figures

Target audience:
High school student
Foreign students
Those seeking better jobs
Those hurt on current job
Those having lost job

Ordeals/road blocks
Enroll for classes, get time off work, childcare, books and supplies
For foreign students: passport, shots, a place to stay, transport
At what step does the hero enter school?
Where does the map of campus go?
At what step does the hero graduate?
Backpack of tools and resources: map, compass, guide to Canvas, phone numbers, bus pass